Friday, 21 October 2016

J1 Visa Exchange Trainee Program

J1 Visa Exchange Program

The J1 Exchange visitor category is authorized for those who are interested to take training, teaching conducting research, instructing or lecturing, studying, consulting, or to receive Graduate Training or Education. 

The US Department of immigration designates public and private entitles to do exchange programs and sponsor it. This is non immigrant visa category, the J1 non immigrants are therefore sponsored by an exchange training program that is designated by the US Department of State. This program aim to promote Interchange or persons knowledge and skills in the field of Art, Education and Science. 

Examples of the Exchange Categories are:-

  • Scholars and Professors.
  • Nannies / Au Pairs
  • Research Assistants.
  • Teachers 
  • Trainees.
  • Specialists.
  • Camp Counselors.
  • Students.

The first step is to get a j1 visa, first you have to submit the Form DS-2019, certificate of eligibility for exchange visitor program. This form will be provided by your Exchange Training Sponsor or Agency. You should work closely with your sponsor who will be assisting you on all this process. You will be asked for by the Agency if there is need any supporting documents required by the sponsor Agency.

Some of the J1 Visa applicants just apply for employment specifically to work as a Nanny or Researcher in United States. Employment and work is authorized under the exchange j1 visa category. Please check everything with your exchange agency and learn about any restrictions and rules under exchange program.

Your spouse and unmarried children under 21 year of ages are entitles to apply for J-2 classification and they can work in the USA but their income may not be used to support you on any terms. Please visit the USCIS website for more details.

OR if you need more assistance so please let me know i will be more happy to assist you.

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