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Friday, 24 June 2016

Eb3 visa scam

Dear friends, 

Today i am complaining about a person and an officer Assistant complex manager at house of Raeford Farms Mr. David Rush his email address is

Actually I applied to work as a laborer at house or raeford , and then I got an email from Mr. David Rush and he referred me to an immigration firm Global bridge immigration in Canada and then global bridge referred me to an agent Anthea Chaung, she asked me for around $38,000 for the eb3 visa process, so then I contacted Mr. David Rush and I told him that your agent is demanding money and I told him that why she is asking for money, it is illegal. Because it is against the rules of USCIS and USDOL.  Employer must pay the labor certification fee. So I have requested to David Rush that please look into the matter why she is asking for money. And I told him the I am in contact with an another firm in new York and their fee is almost $6500. I am agreed to pay the firm fee, but you as a company should pay the labor certification fee.

So Mr David Rush told me that please schedule a brief conference with the New York attorney.  I have schedule the meeting for Mr David Rush.
And then after some days I got an email from Mr David Rush and he threatened me to proceed with their agent, otherwise I will report to USCIS and USDOL, and don't contact me again.
Now come to the point, I want to remind you that there are some HR officers are making money through eb3 visa green card. Once I contacted an immigration firm in Hong Kong, they told me that they can proceed my eb3 visa, because they have links with some companies like Jimmy Forrest Farms, Muy Pizza, house of Raeford and some others. They asked me for around $60,000 for eb3 visa. He told me that we have to pay the most of fee to the employers. What I am trying to say that some HR officers like David Rush has doing illegal business and making money through eb3 visa program. First they will confirm there commission with their agents and then they proceed. 

As a formality first they advertise the job and then they offer a job to their agent. They are ignoring all other applicants. It is a big scam, they are misusing their powers to make money. My concern is that they should consider the bona fide applicants.

So then I wrote an article on, about the illegal use of eb3 visa. And I have been told by some of attorneys that i should complain to USDOL. Now I request to you that you please try to stop this illegal business doing by some HR officers like David Rush at house of Raeford farms. I request that you please look into the matter and be aware from these kind of fruads.

Please let me know if you have any questions or anything so I will be more than happy to answer.

Yours sincerely
Wazir Khan
Skype, lalakhanjee

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