Friday, 30 January 2015

H1B Visa jobs

H1b Visa jobs

Basically H1b visa using to work in United States, it is a non-immigrant visa and authorization to work in USA. If you are interested to work in USA, first you have to find a job in USA and then your employer must apply for a non-immigration visa petition approval, when it got approved so employer will send you an approved petition copy to you as well as to the US Embassy or Consulate in your residence country. After getting the approved petition copy so you have to apply for a H1b Visa at the nearest US Embassy or Consulate. You will have to pay your visa fee to the consulate and then you will be scheduled an face to face interview at the Embassy for Visa stamp. 

If in case you got a visa stamp on your passport, then you will be able to buy your Air Line ticket to the US destination to perform your duty. 

The first thing i think would be in your mind is that how to get a H1b Visa Job. Actually, it is the most difficult part in this process. There are a lot of Visa sponsors in USA, You can apply for a job offer through google search engine. But please keep in mind be-careful from any scam or fraud, because there are a lot of scammers and a fraudulent companies working so you have to be alert before you apply. They may ask for you for a money for a job offer or for a Visa process. I request to you that you please verify the authenticity of the company from the concerned offices and then apply otherwise not.

For example there is a company like working in USA, but they are completely fail to deliver a good service to the customers. I am the victim of this company as well, i paid around $200 to this company and now i think 5 to 6 years gone and they are fail to get a job for me. Please do not pay them money, i suggest that you search google and find the best firms in USA without paying fee or anything. If you have a good education and experience in IT and in Software and Hardware Engineering so i think you can get your job quickly. 

I have also created a very useful group page on Facebook H1b Visa jobs to help jobseekers to find their H1b visa jobs and to solve their visa issues online on facbook. Please visit my facebook group and let me know if you need more help. 

Wazir Khan
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