Saturday, 30 August 2014 Completely Fail to Provide Services

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Actually, in about 3 to 4 years back i purchased a guaranteed service package from, they charged me around $195 and they told me that this is a guaranteed service, you dont need to search jobs everyday on H1base database, just purchase this service and sit back and we will find a USA Green Card Employment for you. H1base and GreenCardBase is a same company. In the opening they told me that we will find a job for you in around 4 to 6 months. Now after the 3 to 4 years, i contacted them and requested them that i am searching an h1b visa job from about 3 to 4 years, and you completely fail to deliver the exact service as you promised.

I sent an email and they told me that, you have to search and find your job on our H1b and on Greencard Database website. There are hundreds of jobs available. They told me that you can automatically submit your resumes to the H1b and USA Green Card Employer.

But i am doing this from about 4 years, every month i am sending my resume to the H1b and Green Card Employers.

You will be very strange to hear that in this long period time, i never received just one email response from the H1b and Green Card Employers, never ever. I am very strange, because it is a very long time, and i never got any response from H1b Employer on as well as on

Now in the end when i requested to improve their services, because you are completely fail to provide good services. They disabled my account.

Now, in the end i sent an email to the office for refund of my money otherwise i will write story against your firm and will post on my websites, and after that they threatened me that they will block my account if i wrote an article against them.

Now they disabled my account and i cannot log in my I dont need services like they are providing, actually they are scamming people on the name of Guaranteed Services and on the name of trust. Friends i cannot do anything else without writing this story. I dont need now my fee. However, this is my duty to let you know about the Please dont purchase their services, because i am the victum of this company. It is impossible to submit resumes on just 1 click, they are scamming people.

You can get your H1b job offer himself. You can search google and find your job online to apply the US based companies online. So, just forget to pay fee. You can apply for free on google, just search the IT and Engineering jobs online on google and you can find thousand of jobs.

I have also created the best group on facebook, H1b Visa jobs, you can visit this page and get a lot of information as well. Please give me your comments if you have any question in your mind.

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Canada Citizenship and Immigration.

You can apply for study, work or immigration to Canada through their official website

 OR you can visit, for permanent immigration program.

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Wazir Khan
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Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (Canada)

This Immigration Program is an Economical Immigration Program run by the Government of Alberta, with the Canada's Department of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC).

This Program offers many options for both skilled and Semi-Skilled workers. You can apply by own or through an Employer. You can visit,  or search your google.



 You can also find your job in Alberta by visiting this site

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Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program Canada


If you are interested in Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program, so you can apply directly through their website at, visit and let me know if you need more assistance.

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Saskatchewan Immigration (Canada)

Hi, Are you interested to immigrate to Canada?. If yes there is a Province named Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan has an amazing and very good immigration program, in which you can apply directly. I cannot recommend that you find an immigration firm or company however, if you are interested to apply through an immigration consultant firm, so you can contact them and discuss your case. I can give you a link of Licensed Recruiter and Immigration Consultants.


If you are an International Foreign Worker and want to use an immigration firm service, they must consult the licensed recruiter or immigration Firm. Applications for the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program supported by an Unlicensed representative may be refused or cancel. 

So, be positive and search your job at or give me your comments for further help.

Wazir Khan
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Jobs in Saskatchewan, Canada

Hi, if you are interested to live and work in Canada through a job offer. So, i recommend you an amazing and excellent job search website, where you can create your own CV and can submit to the Saskatchewan Employers, there are thousands of job posting everyday.

But keep in mind and be-careful from any scam or fraud, actually there are many scammers and fraudulent companies and persons offer fake job offer to scam people. So, be-careful search your job online.

Wazir Khan
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Friday, 29 August 2014

LMO Jobs in Canada

The Government of Canada has announced several immigration programs for foreigners. The easiest way to immigrate to Canada is to have a good labour skills, plumber, roofer, welders and construction workers in high demand in Canada.

To qualify you must have work experience in the related field and have good English Language skills. There are other immigrations programs for entrepreneur / Business immigration. I suggest that you first search online on google to find a legal firm and consult for your immigration case.

Secondly, if you have a job offer from Canada so you can apply for LMIA, Labour Market Impact Assessment through your job offer and then after approval of LMIA, you can apply for work permit and then for visa stamp at the relevant Embassy or Consulate.

There are so many job websites where you can post your resumes online and smash them to the Canadian Employers. My favorite websites are, http:/, and  

Please give me your comments and suggestions if you have in your minds.

Wazir Khan
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