Friday, 26 April 2013

MQM is targeting their Own Poeple?

Hello and good morning, Instead of taliban's warning to MQM i am not sure that taliban is targeting MQM jalsas. In my view i think MQM is targeting by their own people to get some sympathy vote. As you know that MQM is a terrorist organization and they have a militant wing in their party and they never rejecting this as well. so i think they killing their own people to get sympathy. As we heard Altaf Bhai statement that we never leave anyone who is killing our people. He is giving statement as a Don that they will killed people. I think he warn Pakhtoon's to stop target killing, it is a very big joke for me that he denying that they are not involved in any target killing in Karachi, they can close Karachi in just a minute so how they cannot bring peace in Karachi everything i think in their hands. so i think they should stop this nonsense and be positive in Karachi to stabilize our city Karachi, it is not a city of MQM it is a city of all Pakistanis. KHAN JEE