Friday, 29 March 2013

Inamullah Khan Niazi was angry?

Good day, when i saw that PTI selection committee has not awarded PTI Election ticket to Inamullah Khan Niazi to contest from Mianwali so at the movement i was very disappointed and after that i search the internet to see why PTI has not given ticket to Inamullah Khan Niazi, So, i found an article on about the Inamullah Niazi disqualification matter, actually he was a defaulter of Allied Bank Limited, (ABL) about 72.00 Million, so therefore the selection committee has not selected Mr. Niazi due to his bank default problem. If this is the case so i think PTI has great decision, otherwise if there is any political matter so it would be very bad and could damage the party. We dont want to loose Mr. Inamullah Khan from the party and want that he should stay with Imran khan shoulder by shuolder. WAZIR KHAN Thanks

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