Saturday, 15 December 2012

MQM Prove that they are Terrorist Group

Today on 15th of December 2012, MQM prove that they are a terrorist and Batta Mafia group in Karachi and in Hyderabad. The Pakistani Supreme Court and Honorable Chief Justice announced an historical judgement that MQM head Mr. Altaf Hussain has commit Toheene-Addalat in his speech to the workers. He is always doing these kind of activities,

Keep in mind The Chief Justice has already announce his judgment on Karachi Case that MQM is responsible for killing and Target killing in Karachi. Because they are the biggest party in Karachi and they claiming that they are, so therefore the Court thinks that MQM is responsible for the innocent killing in Karachi,

So, i request once again to the MQM to stop killing innocent people in Karachi and stop your Militant Group in your Party otherwise you will face every time this kind of judgments.


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