Saturday, 24 November 2012

Advice to Shia!

Good day, As a Muslim brother i advice you that you beat himself with in your own homes, it is not the way to show the world and to beat himself, as a Muslim we are not allowed to beat himself and do suicide. It is completely against the Islam. I also advice that you stop bringing people on roads and in markets, because this can create more difficulties and also a big loss for the business as well.

If we are really generous with God, so why we are showing these kind of activities to the people,we should show our pray and mercy directly to the God and we are responsible to get mercy from the God, so please try to understand and stop these kind of activities. We should pay 5 time prayer and Khatme Holy Quran in these Moharram days. This is the real way.

This is not the real way to beat himself?. This is completely against the Islam. Please think about this and try to understand your attitude.


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