Saturday, 24 November 2012

Advice to Shia!

Good day, As a Muslim brother i advice you that you beat himself with in your own homes, it is not the way to show the world and to beat himself, as a Muslim we are not allowed to beat himself and do suicide. It is completely against the Islam. I also advice that you stop bringing people on roads and in markets, because this can create more difficulties and also a big loss for the business as well.

If we are really generous with God, so why we are showing these kind of activities to the people,we should show our pray and mercy directly to the God and we are responsible to get mercy from the God, so please try to understand and stop these kind of activities. We should pay 5 time prayer and Khatme Holy Quran in these Moharram days. This is the real way.

This is not the real way to beat himself?. This is completely against the Islam. Please think about this and try to understand your attitude.


Monday, 19 November 2012

Tyrant attacks by Israel

Hi I am completely fail to understand that why the United Nation and other supper power countries like, UK, Russia, France, Italy and other European countries not condemning these cowardly attacks on innocent civilians in Gaza. They binned their eyes on ropes and cannot see the present situation in Palestine. President Obama saying that Palestinian has no right to retaliate Israel, because they are not a recognized by United States because the Israel is already been recognized by USA, Europe and Egypt as well. Americans are supporting openly Israeli Government, and the other side they are giving arms and money to Israel to attack on Palestine as well. Very shamful situation, The United States saying that they obey Human Rights in all over the world and biggest human rights commission.

But i am 100% sure that you all Americans as well as Western Countries are completely fail to bring peace in the world and they declared Jihad against Muslims.I am 100% sure that you are fighting against muslims.

I request to all EU and United States for God sack to stop this nonsense otherwise you will see the result in terrorist acts like running nowadays in shape of Taliban or as a Al-Qaida. So, stop this nonsense and give a peace to the world.

Good day

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Israeli Forces Killing Innocent Palestinians

Believe me i cannot say hi to anyone, i am very sad about the present situation in Gaza strip. The tyrant forces of Israelis are killing innocent people in Gaza and the other side the biggest terrorist country United State supporting Israel for killing just kids and innocents. Is this justify?. 

Listen! Israelis and United States forces, you will never achieve your aims and we are 100% sure that you will be cleaned from the map very soon, the God will face you and as you saw the Tsunami in America as well, this the warning from God to stop killing innocents in Afghanistan and in Israel, so stop killing just innocent children and innocent people everywhere. 

The NATO, Israelis and United States saying that they are fighting against terrorism?, where is terrorism is the way that you are fighting, Can you justify to killed innocent people in Israel and in Afghanistan?. Why why?. Look you are talking about Al-Qaida and Taliban and you are now finishing Al-Qaida?. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but regretfully i want to remind you that at this stage and in this tyrant situation everyone is going to join Al-Qaida and supporting Taliban to fight against you. You cannot imagine i himself support Taliban and Al-Qaida to clean Israel and United States as well. We completely support these forces to fight against you, this is our declaration and i am sure that your life is now become more difficult than before, everyone is in horror in United States and in Israel. Because suddenly someone suicide themselves and killed Israelis and Americans. 

There are rising more angers against United States and Israelis from every part of the world. Look! as a biggest and world power country it is your responsibility to listen and see the present situation in Gaza and warned Israelis to stop this tyrant action against innocents. Otherwise we will planning to jihad against you.