Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Why Resigning New PTI Leaders??

Hello, me kai dino se cheekh raha tha k khuda k lie please stop talking against PML-N. Because it seems that the PTI leadership is backing PPP, now it is very dangerous situation for us. Everyone is going to resign from PTI. News coming from the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa that Mr. Khwaja Mohammad Hoti has resigned from the PTI.

From the last several days I am shouting and writing that please stop negative talking against PML-N and start negative talking against PPP. But every PTI leader is on TV Shows backing PPP leadership and not criticizing PPP. Every PTI leader criticizing PML-N. Why? Why?

Zardari is a corrupt leader and the other side Mr. Shabaz Sharif, how we can compare each other. The PTI leadership is now comparing that PPP is much better than Chief Minister Shabaz Sharif. I am very strange. We have a lot of hope from PTI and especially from Imran Khan and if this kind of activities continues so I am sure that we will loose our hope and future in the shape of PTI.

I understand that PML-N has not good governed in Punjab, but it is the reality that they are much better than PPP. People hate PPP and they do not like PML-N. So, please try to understand and start negative talking against PPP and I am sure that we will get a lot of positive responses from the Pakistani people as well from the Pakistani Media as well.

I also understand that why some of our new Leaders are right now going to resign, because they heard in the News Channel interview of our Chief Imran Khan and he told the Pakistanis that we will never give party tickets just on personality. The Tickets will be given through candidate’s area voting. We are conducting polls on our website http://insaf.pkthat “Who should be the candidate”?. So, every PTI worker can vote and decide who should be the Provincial or National Assembly candidate and then we will provide the ticket to the candidate. Imran Khan retreated their concerns that in the coming days I can expect more resignations from some people, because they are thinking that we will give them a tickets without any party voting and now I am giving advice through Geo TV in Capital Talk with Hamid Mir to those PTI leaders who has just joined my team please leave my party I will never provide any party tickets without party poll or elections and without wish of the people of the candidate’s area. So, this the right time for everyone to leave the party I am not gonna give you ticket.

I think this is great speech of Imran Khan and I really appreciate him for this statement. As I told you that I have a lot of expectations from the Chief of PTI Mr. Imran Khan and Inshallah he will be the next Prime Minister if he obey and respect their Party worker’s obligations.


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