Friday, 28 September 2012

Shireen Mazari bibI will come back

Good day,

I have just watch an interview on Waqt New TV with Fareeha, Imran Khan told the world that Shireen bibi is a great loss and i own that she was a great asset for PTI and he also re-etariated that she is not going anywhere and i am sure that he will be back in our team. She is a Baloch blood or kaha k Baloch Khoon jazbati khoon hai, actually the issue was she call me that come to the jalsa and we told her that please arrange jalsa tomorow, but she insisted that there are people waiting for a long you must come here in Rojahan and then i told to my coleagues that we should be travel to Rojhan and then when we reach at the Airport, the plane was already on air, so therefore we were unable to attend her jalsa.

So, it was the tragedy and then she came in hash and shock the media everything that comes in her mouth. So, we have called a simple explanation that why you break everything in the people, it is against the party roles. that was the drama so she resign.

But i am sure that she is a vibrant lady and she will never go anywhere and will come in the PTI.



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