Friday, 21 September 2012

Sheri Mazari is angry?

Good morning everybody,

Continuously i am shocking everyday to all the PTI Leadership that please change your attitude. I saw in Dera Ghazi Khan and in Rojhan area that Madam Sheri Mazari has arranged a jalsa for Imran Khan, but we saw you Imran Khan has not arrived. We don't know why?. But it is the Khan's responsibility to answer to Madam Sheri Mazari and to convey them about the situation that he was not arrived in her jalsa.

It is very important to answer, i think it is not a beat of Imran Khan, it will be a win for his party as well to answer to all of PTI workers. As i am requesting to Imran Khan and his leaders in all of my articles that please change your attitude, otherwise it will be great lose for the party as we are seeing the last few days there are a lot of new leaders have leave the party and they are saying to the media that we are leaving the party due to Imran Khan's attitude.

Is this the reality?. I also saw Imran Khan's interview with Javed Chaudary on Express News, Javed told to Khan that your old worker Madam Sherri Mazari is angry with you why?. But he ignore this question.

I think this is not a good attitude, Imran Khan we have a lot of expectations from you and for God Sack please change your attitude and be friendly with every worker. I understand that you are an honest and punctual leader, but you should be answered to the workers and as i requested in my previous articles that please change your attitude toward PML-N and please try to fire on PPP and i sure that you will receive a lot of benefits. If you talk against PML-N so you will loose your workers and everything , i am sure or if you talk against the PPP leadership so you will get a lot of benefits. Because everybody known that PPP is a corrupt party and they looted Pakistan. Mr. Zardari is a 10% man and he is famous for 10% commission in Pakistan. OR if you talk about PML-N, everyone knows that they have done something in Punjab for people, they are much better than PPP corrupt leaders. So, please try to understand and now is the time to change your attitude as i am requesting, otherwise you will see and we will be hopeless in Pakistan.

God bless you Imran Khan

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