Friday, 14 September 2012

Sectarian Violence in Quetta Balochistan

It is very disappointing news that yesterday Baloch Republican Army (BRA+BLA) has owned that they killed 10 innocent Pashtoon Labor workers near Mastung Dasht. Pashtoon labors are working on Road near Mastung Quetta. Two Militants came on Motorcycle and they gathered all the workers in line and they shooted brutally all the innocent Pashtoon workers.

Now in this situation we feel more uncomfortable than before, everyday we are seeing dozens of innocent people killed by the Baloch separatist groups. There is a vast majority of Pashtoo tribe living here in Quetta Valley, all of the Businesses are doing by the Pashtoons in Quetta. Actually the Baloch people living outside Quettain villages and their main job are farming and animals.

So, I think it is very dangerous situation right now in Quetta. If we can see the Karachi Sindh situation, there is also very bad situation especially for Pashtoon people. As the world aware the MQM militant groups are targeting innocent Pashtoons, I think this is a same situation as we can see in Quetta, the Baloch Militants do not want other people to live and work in Balochistan mainly they want separation and we can also see the same situation in Karachi Sindh, the MQM militant groups also seeking separation and they want a separate Province. That’s why they don’t accept Pashtoons and Sindhi to live and work in Karachi,

If we can review the sitation of both areas, the situation is same. The Pakistani security agencies are completely fail to bring peace in both provinces.

Now after yesterday target killing I am completely shocked and I think there is no safe haven for anybody to live and work.


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