Monday, 10 September 2012

PTI,s Fire on PML-N

Hi as a PTI worker i am very very confused about the present situation of PTI attack on PML-N. I think PML-N is much better than other parties. We should talk about PPP and other currupt parties.

I think it will create a problem for us so we should not talk about PML-N. I am as a worker thinking PML-N is much better than PPP and others so please and i request to every PTI Leaders talk against PPP and other's performance.

I think if we continued these kind of talking so i am sure that we can loose our aim in Punjab as well as in other Provinces.

Think?, why i am writing, why i am saying that PTI should not talk against PML-N, so i think every person and every members is thinking about this, we have a lot of observations on PPPas well as on PML-N. But we cannot compare PML-N with PPP, PPP has looted the country and i have never heard from our new PTI Leaders that PPP has looted, everyone coming on TV and talking about PML-N. I think PTI is not a one man Party therefore i am talking on this issue, this is i think my party and i have my dreams and a lot of expections from our Chief Imran Khan, So, for God sack think about this and stop the PTI leadership not talk about PML-N, They must talk but in respectful way. We should talk about PPP.

I understand that both parties PPP and PML-N has looted the country and both leader has now become currupt leaders. Thats why we like PTI instead of other parties.

So, please think about my request and change the policy.


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