Wednesday, 5 September 2012

PTI on Agha Waqar?

Good evening,

As a worker of PTI i think Mr. Agha Waqar has doing a great job. Now a days on different News Channels  anchors and Scientists are criticizing Agha Waqar. But why, Yesterday i saw Kamran Khan Program, he has also criticized and every time on its program said that "FRAUDIA", i am completely disappointed to hear from Kamran Khan and he also told Pakistanis k Is bande ne kai bar kai programo me mukhtalif scincedano ko jese k Dr. Atta-UR-Rehman ko kadi tankeed ka nishana banaya. Muje afsos se kehna par raha hai k, In jese lako rupai or kardo kamane wale science dano ne kabhi b pakistan ko kuch nai dia sirf book or aflas.

Kamran Khan, i am very disappointed about your yesterday program in which you have told the world the Mr. Agha Waqar is Decoit and Fraudia. We dont care whether he is Decoit or fraudia, we are just looking that in the present situation in the world a man is trying to find the way. He is trying to find the solution for the world.

So, we should not criticize Aghan Waqar, we should strongly appreciate Agha Waqar for doing this great job.


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