Friday, 7 September 2012

PTI Aman Tsunami March to Waziristan.

Good morning,

I think it is a good step to launch a March to Waziristan. Now a days PPP and MQM is opposing this step. They are saying why Imran Khan is going to Waziristan, PTI is backing extremists and Taliban. Why they not  launching March here in Islamabad Pakistan?.

As for my point of view i think it is a great step of PTI to March to Waziristan. We will show to the world that we dont want to fight with our people, all of Waziristanis are not terrorists and they don't like fighting. They are brave tribes and indeed they have a great role in getting Pakistan for us. So, we should try to conveyance all of them to come to the peace table, why they are fighting, what is their aim?, why they are fighting with their security agencies.

First of all i think it is their genuine question, they are talking about the War, Is this our OWN WAR?. I think it is not our WAR, Why we are fighting for Western Countries?, Why we are fighting for United States?. I know that there some elements that are living in the areas?. But as i told you that we can conveyance them and they are also agreed on this agenda, that if in case we change our International i mean US policy on War. We should told the world that we cannot killed and bombed our people.

Let me say that there are a millions of innocent Muslims martyred in this war. In Drone attacks thousand of innocent people martyred by the NATO and US Forces. Just for 1 or 2 terrorists they are killing all the village and town. Is this a justice, just for suspicious news they are killing innocent people. I think this is not a justice.

Now i am 100% sure and in the future if we talked with these people and in case if we changed our US policy on war so i am sure that we can stop this suicide attacks and terrorism here in Pakistan as well as all over the world.

So, i suggest to the United States Government as well that they should think about my proposal and they please change their policy against Taliban and Extremists, fighting is not the solution, US troops should withdraw from the Afghanistan so i am sure that the Taliban will bring a peace in the region and if possible talks with Taliban so i am sure that we can bring peace and harmony everywhere in the world. We should realize them that we are not tyrants and we can live together.

So, first of all we should change the policy against Taliban and Extremists, i think this is not a loose for anybody, we are just trying to bring peace in world so therefore, so this is not a fight back for every one. I am also 100% sure that no one can win the war in Afghanistan and no one can achieve their aims in Afghanistan without involvement of Taliban and Afghans. This is the reality, if we can see in the past in Afghanistan the Russian has loose their war and now the US and NATO i mean 30 to 50 countries in on side and just Taliban are other side, instead of that all that western countries with US are fail to achieve their aim in Afghanistan. So, this is the reality and we should realize himself and think about this. I also remember the interview of first day of a War on Afghanistan. I saw interview on CNN, there was former Russian Officer and US Military officers were discussing this war on CNN, i remember the talks of Russian Officer that he told the US Officer and CNN anchor that you cannot win this war, this is impossible, he told that when he was in the war on Afghanistan and he was also in the fighting in Afghanistan. We cannot combat and fight on the ground with Afghans, our ground strategy was fail, however, we can win our Air fighting strategy in Afghanistan. Afghans are very brave and they assuming Afghan land as a Mother, so they will never accept foreign troops in their land.

So, i think we should think about this and we should find the solution that why they are going to be extreme and why they have not good thinking about US and Western Countries. We should find the way.

Thats why the PTI has inshallah launched a Tsunami Peach March to Waziristan and Inshallah you will see that Waziristan's people will treat Imran Khan as a brother. I think there are some elements that can try to make something in this March but inshallah everything will be okay and find.

Inshallah, Inshallah


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