Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Open Message to Imran Khan

Imran Khan! Have you saw and are you seeing?.

What i am shocking from the last several days that please change your attitude towards the workers and colleagues. We are very sad, you cannot imagine from your this kind of act there are several leaders and workers are leaving the PTI. I himself never going to leave the Party, because i have a lot of expectations from PTI and from you as well.

Mr. Imran Khan and our great leader!, just look into the MQM and other parties, what is their leaders attitude toward workers, especially for the MQM, when someone killed in the MQM so Mr. Altaf Hussain will call a strike and himself coming on news to draw his attention to their worker, and the other side you Mr. Imran Khan, for God sack we have a lot of expectations, for God Sack try to understand and change your attitude. Shireen Mazari has did nothing wrong, she just explain why you are not coming to the jalsa. Is this her mistake?. It think it is not and in the other side you gave her a open message that you not need leader like her in the hotel to women. So, it is very sad, as a PTI head you are answerable and it is not your defeat to respect the workers, it will also strengthen your human and Party as well.

I can just request to you otherwise nothing.


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