Friday, 21 September 2012



Mere kheyal me to jo log ajj kal PTI se ja rahe hain, inko confidence me nai liya jaraha?. Is waja se ye log mayus okay party chor rahe hain, Imran Khan sahib ko chaheye k wo har month apni CEC ki meeting bulai aur sare nai aur purane leaders ko meeting me confidence me le.

From the first of joining day when a new leaders joined PTI, Mr. Imran Khan has not called any meeting. I think it is very big mistake. As you can see there are several leaders are joining PML-Q and PML-N, it was very sad news and I am very strange too. They are joining PML-Q instead of they knowing that they will loose the next election. I am 100% sure that PML-Q will fail 90% to get their seats in the upcoming elections. Instead of them they are still joining PML-Q, because as for my knowledge the PML-Q Leadership is a great attitude toward their new joiners and members.

But in the other side if we can see in PTI, Mr. Imran Khan is not interested to speak with someone that are joining right now. We understand that this is not a Party, this is a cause and a pure Tehreek in Pakistan. But he must be take some steps to take their new leaders into confidence. Mr. Khan should be contacted to his every leader and worker and need to be taken into confidence.

Therefore I think he should call the meeting in every month.

God bless you Imran Khan and Inshallah if you obey the workers requests so I am sure you will be next Prime Minister.


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