Sunday, 23 September 2012

Dr. Sherri Mazari


As a PTI worker we have a lot of expectations from Imran Khan and believe me i have personly a lot of hopes from PTI. But nowadays we seen resigning case, there are several resigns from several new leaders from PTI. But the main and hearting case was Madam Sherri Mazai Jee. I think she was involve from last several years and she has back a lot of PTI and Imran Khan. I himself was watching every TV program of Sherri Mazari and i saw that she was a great respondent of PTI.

But it is very disappointed to say that after her statement in her Jalsa, there is not statement from Mr. Imran Khan our leader. Why she has been ignored, why?. Is this her crime that she told in jalsa that why Khan sahib not arrived in Jalsa?. We have to know, as a PTI worker believe me i have put Imran Khan's Picture on my Laptop and i proud to be his picture in my heart as well.

But right now the situation is hearting me. Believe me i am very heart, everyone saying that Imran Khan is not respecting their workers?. I am again coating everyone saying Imran Khan is not respecting their workers?. Am i right?. I need the answer from Imran Khan?.

I have just seen on Dunya News with Kamran Khan Imran Khan's talks about Sherri Mazari, believe me i was heart very heart. He told the world if someone taking against me so i will quite them?. Is this our party?. Oh my God?. He is the lebral man?. He is the man who is talking about that this is the party where everyone can be selected, everyone would become a leader.

Imran Khan, i think if this kind of attitude continues so we will loose our aim.

Please try to understand and look into the matter.


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