Monday, 24 September 2012

Apne dushmanoon se bi itne nafrat na karoo? Who says?

Good day everybody, 

As i am writing continusly in my previous articles and i also several time mentioned that Imran Khan should change their attitude toward party workers. We have a lot of expectations from Imran Khan and we believe he is a leader and he is much better than others as well. But why he is completely ignoring Shireen Mazari, Whats wrong and what she told in her jalsa?. She says why Imran Khan has not arrived, Imran Khan should travel to Rojhan and he should be participate in her Jalsa. Is this wrong to say?. I think and i am sure that every leader should be answerable to their workers. 

Imran Khan is right to say:-

"Apne dushmano se kabi bi itni nafrat na karo k tum unse insaf na kar sako" so i think take it to yourself first and then advice to others?. 

Imran Khan, so please think about this and let the world why you are gealus from Shireen Mazari?. 


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