Thursday, 23 August 2012

PTI leader Inamullah Khan defending PPP??

I am just watching talk show on ARY Kashif Abbassi Show, i am very strange to see PTI leader Inamullah Khan is defending PPP instead of PTI. Mr. Fawad Chaudary is insulting Chief Justice on every issue, but i am very strange to see that Inamullah Khan is not backing CJ. He also speaking about the cases that are pending in SC. He is asking to SC and CJ, why he not taking any other cases than just  President Zardari and PPP. I am so strange, so strange he is completely defending PPP and he cricizing CJ.

For God sack, Imran Khan i request to you to please stop crisizing CJ and start criticizing against PPP. Why PTI not talking about Zardari's cases, why you are not talking about this currupt Government.

One more thing Khan Sahib you are also advice as a PTI worker please stop talking about Punjab Tandoor Scheme, I personally understand and known that this was a great program for poor people. Shabaz Shareef has started good programs, I am not defending PML-N, but they have some good projects in Punjab, so my hands is not going to stop to write good words for PML-N.

So, once again i request to you Great Khan please stop PTI leaders to talk against Chief Justice and PML-N as well and PTI should start vast campaign against PPP. We should criticize more and more PPP than PML-N.

Have a good time our next PM. Khan Sahib,


PTI Criticism on PML-N

Hi today i am much disappointed to say about the present press conferences and on talk shows of PTI, on every talk show PTI criticizing PML-N instead of PPP. In my opinion PTI should critics PPP and MQM. Because they are the main corrupt parties than PML-N.

So as a PTI member i request to Chairman PTI Imran Khan to please stop your members to talk against PML-N and start their talking against PPP and MQM or ANP. I request to you Khan Sahib, I think it is damaging our Party.