Saturday, 23 June 2012

Faisal Saleh Hayat Voted to Raja Rental?

It is very sham-full news for everybody that Makhdoom Saleh Hayat has voted to his defender Raja Parvez Ashraf, if you remember some time before Mr. Saleh Hayat has launched complain in Supreme Court against Raja Pervaiz Ashraf that he involve in Power Energy Scandal and he scammed Millions of dollars within his Ministry. and He also take Oath that he is a true and not lieying.

Now, yesterday in the National Assembly he has voted to Raja Pervaiz Asharaf. Now the question is that all our Politicians are i think making us pool.

But i am very strange instead all of that why we are again and again electing these people and then they looting Pakistan. No one is sincere with our country.

For God sack we should think about this and we should not vote to these leaders.


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