Thursday, 28 June 2012

Advice to Imran Khan

Good afternoon,

Dear friends, if you have saw Imran Khan in their rallies and Jalsas. Especially i saw him in one of Islamabad's Jalsa that he dont respect their workers. I am as a worker i suggest him that he give a good respond to their workers.

Muje english achhi tara nai athi, lekin jab koi Imran Khan pe hath rakhta hai to Imran use jaldi apne se door karta hai, Deke Hum worker Khan sahib apke mada hai hum apse milna aur ap ke sath bath karna chahte hai, please kisi worker ko b mana na kare jaise k Benazeer Bhoto karti thi.

I am as a PTI worker requesting you to please think about this.

Khuda hafiz Khan sahib.


Sunday, 24 June 2012

PTI Hyderabad Jalsa

There is an hope in Pakistan in the shape of Imran Khan. Just look at his face and his voice.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

PML-Q has voted to PPP!

I am not sure why PML-Q has again decided to help PPP and they voted Raja Parvez Ashraf, So, sad?. Chaudary Brothers are very confident about their next elections. But what do you think about the constituency  of Chaudary's, will they vote again to PML-Q, OR they think this is the time to Make money because they are right now thinking that they will never come into power?.

As for as my information they will never again win their seats?.

What do you think?

MQM has voted Raja Parvez Ashraf?

I have a question from all of MQM workers!. Are they think that MQM MNAs has good to voted PPP?. Will they again vote to their candidates in the upcoming elections?.

My question is that everyone is well known and understand that Zardari and his Party is a corrupt party and they again and again told the world that they will never proceed Supreme Court's decisions.

I think there is one hope in our country PTI and Supreme Court. We should give them a chance. 

What do you think about my opinions?


Faisal Saleh Hayat Voted to Raja Rental?

It is very sham-full news for everybody that Makhdoom Saleh Hayat has voted to his defender Raja Parvez Ashraf, if you remember some time before Mr. Saleh Hayat has launched complain in Supreme Court against Raja Pervaiz Ashraf that he involve in Power Energy Scandal and he scammed Millions of dollars within his Ministry. and He also take Oath that he is a true and not lieying.

Now, yesterday in the National Assembly he has voted to Raja Pervaiz Asharaf. Now the question is that all our Politicians are i think making us pool.

But i am very strange instead all of that why we are again and again electing these people and then they looting Pakistan. No one is sincere with our country.

For God sack we should think about this and we should not vote to these leaders.


Friday, 22 June 2012

Present Situation in Pakistan

Believe me today i was completely shocked about the present political situation. Everyone is trying to make money in politics. Today our new PM Raja Rental has taken oath although he is already involved in corruption cases. I am very strange that PPP has nominating candidates when they come in any scandal. So, Mr. Zaradar awarding a port folio to their MNAs. I am completely shocked, What happening in our country.  There is no leader in Pakistan,

Today i was watching Hassan Nisar interview on TV that he has decided to leave the country. I think he is right. But i also  wrote to Nisar sahib that please stay till the next upcoming election and i hope that PTI will bring  some changes in the country. I am pretty sure that Imran Khan will bring some changes. Inshallah.