Saturday, 15 December 2012

MQM Prove that they are Terrorist Group

Today on 15th of December 2012, MQM prove that they are a terrorist and Batta Mafia group in Karachi and in Hyderabad. The Pakistani Supreme Court and Honorable Chief Justice announced an historical judgement that MQM head Mr. Altaf Hussain has commit Toheene-Addalat in his speech to the workers. He is always doing these kind of activities,

Keep in mind The Chief Justice has already announce his judgment on Karachi Case that MQM is responsible for killing and Target killing in Karachi. Because they are the biggest party in Karachi and they claiming that they are, so therefore the Court thinks that MQM is responsible for the innocent killing in Karachi,

So, i request once again to the MQM to stop killing innocent people in Karachi and stop your Militant Group in your Party otherwise you will face every time this kind of judgments.


Friday, 7 December 2012

Agha Waqar's successful attempt

Today Agha Waqar has attempt successful try to run a car with water kit. As i wrote in my previous articles that Pakistani Scientists like Dr. Attaur Rehman and Hood Bhai is telling the world that Agha Waqar is Fraudia. But truly say that they both are fraudia and scammers they looted Pakistan and they are actually getting millions of Rupees from Pakistani Government and they have yet nothing given to our country. So in my option they both are fraudia and looters.

In several programs Hoodh Bhai told that i dont want to speak with fraudia. So after today successful attempt i think he should return the money that he get from Pakistani people and he should be trial.


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Advice to Shia!

Good day, As a Muslim brother i advice you that you beat himself with in your own homes, it is not the way to show the world and to beat himself, as a Muslim we are not allowed to beat himself and do suicide. It is completely against the Islam. I also advice that you stop bringing people on roads and in markets, because this can create more difficulties and also a big loss for the business as well.

If we are really generous with God, so why we are showing these kind of activities to the people,we should show our pray and mercy directly to the God and we are responsible to get mercy from the God, so please try to understand and stop these kind of activities. We should pay 5 time prayer and Khatme Holy Quran in these Moharram days. This is the real way.

This is not the real way to beat himself?. This is completely against the Islam. Please think about this and try to understand your attitude.


Monday, 19 November 2012

Tyrant attacks by Israel

Hi I am completely fail to understand that why the United Nation and other supper power countries like, UK, Russia, France, Italy and other European countries not condemning these cowardly attacks on innocent civilians in Gaza. They binned their eyes on ropes and cannot see the present situation in Palestine. President Obama saying that Palestinian has no right to retaliate Israel, because they are not a recognized by United States because the Israel is already been recognized by USA, Europe and Egypt as well. Americans are supporting openly Israeli Government, and the other side they are giving arms and money to Israel to attack on Palestine as well. Very shamful situation, The United States saying that they obey Human Rights in all over the world and biggest human rights commission.

But i am 100% sure that you all Americans as well as Western Countries are completely fail to bring peace in the world and they declared Jihad against Muslims.I am 100% sure that you are fighting against muslims.

I request to all EU and United States for God sack to stop this nonsense otherwise you will see the result in terrorist acts like running nowadays in shape of Taliban or as a Al-Qaida. So, stop this nonsense and give a peace to the world.

Good day

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Israeli Forces Killing Innocent Palestinians

Believe me i cannot say hi to anyone, i am very sad about the present situation in Gaza strip. The tyrant forces of Israelis are killing innocent people in Gaza and the other side the biggest terrorist country United State supporting Israel for killing just kids and innocents. Is this justify?. 

Listen! Israelis and United States forces, you will never achieve your aims and we are 100% sure that you will be cleaned from the map very soon, the God will face you and as you saw the Tsunami in America as well, this the warning from God to stop killing innocents in Afghanistan and in Israel, so stop killing just innocent children and innocent people everywhere. 

The NATO, Israelis and United States saying that they are fighting against terrorism?, where is terrorism is the way that you are fighting, Can you justify to killed innocent people in Israel and in Afghanistan?. Why why?. Look you are talking about Al-Qaida and Taliban and you are now finishing Al-Qaida?. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but regretfully i want to remind you that at this stage and in this tyrant situation everyone is going to join Al-Qaida and supporting Taliban to fight against you. You cannot imagine i himself support Taliban and Al-Qaida to clean Israel and United States as well. We completely support these forces to fight against you, this is our declaration and i am sure that your life is now become more difficult than before, everyone is in horror in United States and in Israel. Because suddenly someone suicide themselves and killed Israelis and Americans. 

There are rising more angers against United States and Israelis from every part of the world. Look! as a biggest and world power country it is your responsibility to listen and see the present situation in Gaza and warned Israelis to stop this tyrant action against innocents. Otherwise we will planning to jihad against you. 


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Imran Khan's Tour to United States

Good morning,

Imran Khan has returned from United States from a great and an historic fund raising tour, we Pakistani really appreciate every worker and fund raiser that funded PTI and Imran Khan for great cause. As Imran Khan to the people in Los Angeles United States that you are hearing and in front of you are seeing the next Prime Minister of Pakistan and we think inshallah the Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf will win the next election and sweep in all our the country. inshallah.


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Imran Khan interview to Canadian TV

Good day,

Imran Khan has given an interview to Canadian news channel in which he once again stated that we cannot win this war without any talks, we are spending trillions of dollars and we spent trillions of dollars, but still no result and the United States and NATO is now approaching to Taliban for talks. So, this is my stance every time that we cannot win war just to fight, we dont know that who is terrorist and who is killing in US drone attacks.

Imran Khan has also re-etariated that Canada should quite from this undeclared war and i am sure that Canada will make a lot of benefits to quite from this war so he requested to leave this war.

The Canadian TV has also told the world that we have a very distingueshed guest and the biggest political Leader of Pakistan and they also told the Imran Khan is a very delebrated Pakistan Politician. Every Western TV as well as American Channels also given a big priority to PTI Chief Imran Khan and they are thinking that Mr. Imran Khan will be next Prime Minister of Pakistan and inshallah he will be the next PM of Pakistan.


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Imran Khan interrogated by US immigration on Toronto Airport?

Good day and EID Mubarak to all Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

I have just saw that Imran Khan has been interrogated by US immigration Authorities on Toronto Airport and questioned on Drone Attacks in Pakistan.

I personally strongly condemn this act by US immigration and will demand from the Pakistani Government to call US Embassador for strong action. One side we are wellcoming every US officials on coming to Pakistani Airports and other side the US officials are insulting our great leaders. This is not the justification.

What is the status of Secretary and Deputy Secretaries of US States? When they are coming to Pakistan and they also meeting with our head of states without any delay. We cannot ignore to meet them, we are welcoming every US officials and the other side they are insulting our leaders why why?. We need the answer?.

Once again i complain to the Pakistan Government to take necessary action on this issue should call the US Ambassador on this tyrant act.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Cuture and tradition of pakistan

Pakistani culture is very important to the people of Pakistan, as people want to represent Pakistani culture anywhere in the world volunteer much.

Society and culture of Pakistan comprises a number of different cultures and ethnic groups: the Punjabis, Kashmiris, and Sindhis in the east, Muhajir, Makrani in the south, Baloch and Pashtun in the west, and the ancient Dardic, Wakhi and Burusho communities in the north.

These Pakistani cultures have been greatly effected by many cultures of the surrounding countries, such as the Turkic peoples, Persian, Afghan, Indian and South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. Play free casino rouletteonline in Pakistan and winning a progressive jackpot of the Microgaming casinos in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a cultural and ethnic background going back to Indus Valley Civilization. It has been attacked by many times in the past, occupied and settled by many different peoples, each of whom have left their mark on the present residents. Some of the biggest groups were Aryans', Greeks, Scythians, Persians, White Huns, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, Afghans, Buddhists and other Eurasian groups, up to and including the British, who left in the 1940s.The are many online free casino games no downloads available to players from Pakistan like: 32red casino, city club online casino, slots plus casino, atlantis gold csino, grand parker casino, treasure mile casino and many more.

Pakistani society is largely multilingual, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural.


Pakistani literature originates from when Pakistan won his citizenship of a sovereign state in 1947. The common and shared tradition of Urdu literature and English literature in South Asia was inherited by the new state. Over a period of time, a unique literary joined Pakistan in nearly all major Pakistani languages, including Urdu, English, Punjabi, Pashto, Seraiki, Balochi and Sindhi.


Poetry is a highly respected art and profession in Pakistan. The outstanding form of poetry in Pakistan almost always in Persian, partly because of the long association region had with the Persian empire. Urdu language has a rich tradition of poetry and includes the famous poet Dr Allama Iqbal national poet, Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmad Faiz Ahmad Faraz, Jazib Qureshi and Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi. Apart from Urdu poetry, Pakistani poetry also has blends of other regional languages. Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Saraiki and Pashto poetry have all incorporated and influenced Pakistani poetry. Poetry in the form of Marsia and Salam Naath is also very popular with many Pakistanis.

Performing arts:

Pakistani music is represented by a number of forms. It ranges from traditional styles like qawwali and ghazal to modern forms of merging the traditional Pakistani music with western music. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was internationally renowned for the development of a form of music which synchronized qawwali with Western music.

Recreation and sports:

The official national sport of Pakistan field hockey with squash and cricket also very popular. The national cricket team has won the Cricket World Cup once and won runner up once. In addition, they have also won the ICC World Twenty20 once and were runners-up.

At international level, Pakistan has competed many times at the Olympics in hockey, boxing, athletics, swimming, and shooting. Hockey is the sport that Pakistan has been most successful at the Olympics with three gold medals. Pakistan has also won the Hockey World Cup four times. Pakistan has a number of international competitions, including the South Asian Federation Games.

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Cultural traditions:
Pakistanis have evolved an often distinct and unique set of culture, traditions and customs in the region. Shalwar Qameez is the dress commonly worn, both by men and Kashmiris, etc. put and dances are distinctly unique with their own melodies, instruments, patterns and styles. Pakistani arts in metal work, tiles, furniture, rugs, designs/paintings, literature, calligraphy, etc. are diverse and renowned internationally. Pakistani architecture is unique with its infusion of Islamic, Persian, Turkish and Indigenous styles. The manners and lifestyles are guided by a blend traditions as well as culture. Food dishes are also attracting quite a lot of attention with its wide blend of flavors and spices.

Pakistanis have developed a different and often unique set of culture, traditions and customs of the region. Shalwar qameez is usually the dress of men and Kashmiris, etc. Pakistani arts in metal work, tiles, furniture, rugs, design / painting, literature, calligraphy, etc. are diverse and internationally recognized. Pakistani architecture is unique in its provision of Islamic, Persian, Turkish and indigenous species.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Malala Malala and Malala Yusafzai?

Malala Malala and just Malala Yousafzai?, everyone is talking about Malalai.

There are a number of innocent children martyred everyday in American drone attacks and Israel has also killing innocent children in Palestine and in Lebnan as well, why the International community and United States people not criticizing these unjustified attacks. In the drone attacks just 2% attacks are going to be on point, otherwise they are killing 98% innocent people. This is the reality. So, why no one shouting on this issue.

I have also reservations from Pakistani people those who are just talking about Malalai Yousazai. I admit that she is innocent and she was a brave girl and i also criticize Taliban for this cowardly act.

But on the other side if you can see the situation, why these kind of activities happening?. Hame is bimari k jar ko dekna chaheye, why taliban and other extremists are doing this kind of cowardly attacks on their own people?. What is the main issue?

As for my information the issue is the US cowardly attacks, drone attacks on civilians and the occupation of Afghanistan as well. The Americans are interfacing without any justification on every country and their tanks mouth have every time to the Muslim countries. Why they are inter-fairing on others sovereignty  The west and the United States are giving argument that why Taliban attacked on Twin Tower in United States?. Yes you are right, you should also change your mind toward the Muslim community and Muslim issues, recently we saw the video of an American in which they humiliated our Prophet Piece be Upon Him (PPBUH) Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W. We all Muslims can sacrificing our life for his name. The other side Americans are not criticizing these acts, just a press conferences there is no action. That is the point that is the issue that can rising terrorism. For God Sack think about these issues and change your minds.

PTI Chief Imran Khan has been interviewed by CNN in which he requested to USA and President Obama to stop drone attacks because these acts are going toward to terrorism and making more and more Taliban and extremists.

So, stop shouting Malalai, Malalai and Malalai. Talk to other as well.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Imran Khan's interview on CNN 9th October 2012

Good day everybody,

CNN's popular newscaster and anchor woman Christine has hold an interview with PTI Chief Imran Khan about the Waziristan Aman March, She called him as a "Likely to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan" in this interview Imran Khan Re-etariated that we cannot win terrorism war without winning hearts and minds of the people of FATA, Waziristan Tribe and Pakhtoon Tribe, We can learn from the past in Afghanistan, so keep in mind we cannot win war without the negotiations.

With a question that Christine asked the presently there is a election campaign in United States, Who will win the Election in USA and what is the best candidate for you and for Pakistani people?. Imran Khan told her that we are not looking who will be the next President of the United States?, we are just looking a President who could stop Drone attacks in Pakistan and who can change their policy and can stop a war here in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan. So, i request to the world and to the next President of the United States to please stop drone attacks here in Pakistan, because you are giving more strength to the terrorism to doing drone attacks here in Pakistan.

A great and interview.


Monday, 1 October 2012

Inamullah Khan Requests Shireen Mazari.

Hi, in the front line program with Kamran Khan PTI leaader Inamullah Khan re-etariated that Madam Shireen Mazari is a great leader and we still think that she is our partner and we will try to bring her in our party.

So, i think it is a good message to Madam Mazari and i am very pleased to hear this from the PTI leaders as well.

Khuda Hafiz.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Shireen Mazari bibI will come back

Good day,

I have just watch an interview on Waqt New TV with Fareeha, Imran Khan told the world that Shireen bibi is a great loss and i own that she was a great asset for PTI and he also re-etariated that she is not going anywhere and i am sure that he will be back in our team. She is a Baloch blood or kaha k Baloch Khoon jazbati khoon hai, actually the issue was she call me that come to the jalsa and we told her that please arrange jalsa tomorow, but she insisted that there are people waiting for a long you must come here in Rojahan and then i told to my coleagues that we should be travel to Rojhan and then when we reach at the Airport, the plane was already on air, so therefore we were unable to attend her jalsa.

So, it was the tragedy and then she came in hash and shock the media everything that comes in her mouth. So, we have called a simple explanation that why you break everything in the people, it is against the party roles. that was the drama so she resign.

But i am sure that she is a vibrant lady and she will never go anywhere and will come in the PTI.



Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Open Message to Imran Khan

Imran Khan! Have you saw and are you seeing?.

What i am shocking from the last several days that please change your attitude towards the workers and colleagues. We are very sad, you cannot imagine from your this kind of act there are several leaders and workers are leaving the PTI. I himself never going to leave the Party, because i have a lot of expectations from PTI and from you as well.

Mr. Imran Khan and our great leader!, just look into the MQM and other parties, what is their leaders attitude toward workers, especially for the MQM, when someone killed in the MQM so Mr. Altaf Hussain will call a strike and himself coming on news to draw his attention to their worker, and the other side you Mr. Imran Khan, for God sack we have a lot of expectations, for God Sack try to understand and change your attitude. Shireen Mazari has did nothing wrong, she just explain why you are not coming to the jalsa. Is this her mistake?. It think it is not and in the other side you gave her a open message that you not need leader like her in the hotel to women. So, it is very sad, as a PTI head you are answerable and it is not your defeat to respect the workers, it will also strengthen your human and Party as well.

I can just request to you otherwise nothing.


Monday, 24 September 2012

Apne dushmanoon se bi itne nafrat na karoo? Who says?

Good day everybody, 

As i am writing continusly in my previous articles and i also several time mentioned that Imran Khan should change their attitude toward party workers. We have a lot of expectations from Imran Khan and we believe he is a leader and he is much better than others as well. But why he is completely ignoring Shireen Mazari, Whats wrong and what she told in her jalsa?. She says why Imran Khan has not arrived, Imran Khan should travel to Rojhan and he should be participate in her Jalsa. Is this wrong to say?. I think and i am sure that every leader should be answerable to their workers. 

Imran Khan is right to say:-

"Apne dushmano se kabi bi itni nafrat na karo k tum unse insaf na kar sako" so i think take it to yourself first and then advice to others?. 

Imran Khan, so please think about this and let the world why you are gealus from Shireen Mazari?. 


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Dr. Sherri Mazari


As a PTI worker we have a lot of expectations from Imran Khan and believe me i have personly a lot of hopes from PTI. But nowadays we seen resigning case, there are several resigns from several new leaders from PTI. But the main and hearting case was Madam Sherri Mazai Jee. I think she was involve from last several years and she has back a lot of PTI and Imran Khan. I himself was watching every TV program of Sherri Mazari and i saw that she was a great respondent of PTI.

But it is very disappointed to say that after her statement in her Jalsa, there is not statement from Mr. Imran Khan our leader. Why she has been ignored, why?. Is this her crime that she told in jalsa that why Khan sahib not arrived in Jalsa?. We have to know, as a PTI worker believe me i have put Imran Khan's Picture on my Laptop and i proud to be his picture in my heart as well.

But right now the situation is hearting me. Believe me i am very heart, everyone saying that Imran Khan is not respecting their workers?. I am again coating everyone saying Imran Khan is not respecting their workers?. Am i right?. I need the answer from Imran Khan?.

I have just seen on Dunya News with Kamran Khan Imran Khan's talks about Sherri Mazari, believe me i was heart very heart. He told the world if someone taking against me so i will quite them?. Is this our party?. Oh my God?. He is the lebral man?. He is the man who is talking about that this is the party where everyone can be selected, everyone would become a leader.

Imran Khan, i think if this kind of attitude continues so we will loose our aim.

Please try to understand and look into the matter.


Friday, 21 September 2012



Mere kheyal me to jo log ajj kal PTI se ja rahe hain, inko confidence me nai liya jaraha?. Is waja se ye log mayus okay party chor rahe hain, Imran Khan sahib ko chaheye k wo har month apni CEC ki meeting bulai aur sare nai aur purane leaders ko meeting me confidence me le.

From the first of joining day when a new leaders joined PTI, Mr. Imran Khan has not called any meeting. I think it is very big mistake. As you can see there are several leaders are joining PML-Q and PML-N, it was very sad news and I am very strange too. They are joining PML-Q instead of they knowing that they will loose the next election. I am 100% sure that PML-Q will fail 90% to get their seats in the upcoming elections. Instead of them they are still joining PML-Q, because as for my knowledge the PML-Q Leadership is a great attitude toward their new joiners and members.

But in the other side if we can see in PTI, Mr. Imran Khan is not interested to speak with someone that are joining right now. We understand that this is not a Party, this is a cause and a pure Tehreek in Pakistan. But he must be take some steps to take their new leaders into confidence. Mr. Khan should be contacted to his every leader and worker and need to be taken into confidence.

Therefore I think he should call the meeting in every month.

God bless you Imran Khan and Inshallah if you obey the workers requests so I am sure you will be next Prime Minister.


Sheri Mazari is angry?

Good morning everybody,

Continuously i am shocking everyday to all the PTI Leadership that please change your attitude. I saw in Dera Ghazi Khan and in Rojhan area that Madam Sheri Mazari has arranged a jalsa for Imran Khan, but we saw you Imran Khan has not arrived. We don't know why?. But it is the Khan's responsibility to answer to Madam Sheri Mazari and to convey them about the situation that he was not arrived in her jalsa.

It is very important to answer, i think it is not a beat of Imran Khan, it will be a win for his party as well to answer to all of PTI workers. As i am requesting to Imran Khan and his leaders in all of my articles that please change your attitude, otherwise it will be great lose for the party as we are seeing the last few days there are a lot of new leaders have leave the party and they are saying to the media that we are leaving the party due to Imran Khan's attitude.

Is this the reality?. I also saw Imran Khan's interview with Javed Chaudary on Express News, Javed told to Khan that your old worker Madam Sherri Mazari is angry with you why?. But he ignore this question.

I think this is not a good attitude, Imran Khan we have a lot of expectations from you and for God Sack please change your attitude and be friendly with every worker. I understand that you are an honest and punctual leader, but you should be answered to the workers and as i requested in my previous articles that please change your attitude toward PML-N and please try to fire on PPP and i sure that you will receive a lot of benefits. If you talk against PML-N so you will loose your workers and everything , i am sure or if you talk against the PPP leadership so you will get a lot of benefits. Because everybody known that PPP is a corrupt party and they looted Pakistan. Mr. Zardari is a 10% man and he is famous for 10% commission in Pakistan. OR if you talk about PML-N, everyone knows that they have done something in Punjab for people, they are much better than PPP corrupt leaders. So, please try to understand and now is the time to change your attitude as i am requesting, otherwise you will see and we will be hopeless in Pakistan.

God bless you Imran Khan

Friday, 14 September 2012

Sectarian Violence in Quetta Balochistan

It is very disappointing news that yesterday Baloch Republican Army (BRA+BLA) has owned that they killed 10 innocent Pashtoon Labor workers near Mastung Dasht. Pashtoon labors are working on Road near Mastung Quetta. Two Militants came on Motorcycle and they gathered all the workers in line and they shooted brutally all the innocent Pashtoon workers.

Now in this situation we feel more uncomfortable than before, everyday we are seeing dozens of innocent people killed by the Baloch separatist groups. There is a vast majority of Pashtoo tribe living here in Quetta Valley, all of the Businesses are doing by the Pashtoons in Quetta. Actually the Baloch people living outside Quettain villages and their main job are farming and animals.

So, I think it is very dangerous situation right now in Quetta. If we can see the Karachi Sindh situation, there is also very bad situation especially for Pashtoon people. As the world aware the MQM militant groups are targeting innocent Pashtoons, I think this is a same situation as we can see in Quetta, the Baloch Militants do not want other people to live and work in Balochistan mainly they want separation and we can also see the same situation in Karachi Sindh, the MQM militant groups also seeking separation and they want a separate Province. That’s why they don’t accept Pashtoons and Sindhi to live and work in Karachi,

If we can review the sitation of both areas, the situation is same. The Pakistani security agencies are completely fail to bring peace in both provinces.

Now after yesterday target killing I am completely shocked and I think there is no safe haven for anybody to live and work.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Why Resigning New PTI Leaders??

Hello, me kai dino se cheekh raha tha k khuda k lie please stop talking against PML-N. Because it seems that the PTI leadership is backing PPP, now it is very dangerous situation for us. Everyone is going to resign from PTI. News coming from the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa that Mr. Khwaja Mohammad Hoti has resigned from the PTI.

From the last several days I am shouting and writing that please stop negative talking against PML-N and start negative talking against PPP. But every PTI leader is on TV Shows backing PPP leadership and not criticizing PPP. Every PTI leader criticizing PML-N. Why? Why?

Zardari is a corrupt leader and the other side Mr. Shabaz Sharif, how we can compare each other. The PTI leadership is now comparing that PPP is much better than Chief Minister Shabaz Sharif. I am very strange. We have a lot of hope from PTI and especially from Imran Khan and if this kind of activities continues so I am sure that we will loose our hope and future in the shape of PTI.

I understand that PML-N has not good governed in Punjab, but it is the reality that they are much better than PPP. People hate PPP and they do not like PML-N. So, please try to understand and start negative talking against PPP and I am sure that we will get a lot of positive responses from the Pakistani people as well from the Pakistani Media as well.

I also understand that why some of our new Leaders are right now going to resign, because they heard in the News Channel interview of our Chief Imran Khan and he told the Pakistanis that we will never give party tickets just on personality. The Tickets will be given through candidate’s area voting. We are conducting polls on our website http://insaf.pkthat “Who should be the candidate”?. So, every PTI worker can vote and decide who should be the Provincial or National Assembly candidate and then we will provide the ticket to the candidate. Imran Khan retreated their concerns that in the coming days I can expect more resignations from some people, because they are thinking that we will give them a tickets without any party voting and now I am giving advice through Geo TV in Capital Talk with Hamid Mir to those PTI leaders who has just joined my team please leave my party I will never provide any party tickets without party poll or elections and without wish of the people of the candidate’s area. So, this the right time for everyone to leave the party I am not gonna give you ticket.

I think this is great speech of Imran Khan and I really appreciate him for this statement. As I told you that I have a lot of expectations from the Chief of PTI Mr. Imran Khan and Inshallah he will be the next Prime Minister if he obey and respect their Party worker’s obligations.


Monday, 10 September 2012

PTI,s Fire on PML-N

Hi as a PTI worker i am very very confused about the present situation of PTI attack on PML-N. I think PML-N is much better than other parties. We should talk about PPP and other currupt parties.

I think it will create a problem for us so we should not talk about PML-N. I am as a worker thinking PML-N is much better than PPP and others so please and i request to every PTI Leaders talk against PPP and other's performance.

I think if we continued these kind of talking so i am sure that we can loose our aim in Punjab as well as in other Provinces.

Think?, why i am writing, why i am saying that PTI should not talk against PML-N, so i think every person and every members is thinking about this, we have a lot of observations on PPPas well as on PML-N. But we cannot compare PML-N with PPP, PPP has looted the country and i have never heard from our new PTI Leaders that PPP has looted, everyone coming on TV and talking about PML-N. I think PTI is not a one man Party therefore i am talking on this issue, this is i think my party and i have my dreams and a lot of expections from our Chief Imran Khan, So, for God sack think about this and stop the PTI leadership not talk about PML-N, They must talk but in respectful way. We should talk about PPP.

I understand that both parties PPP and PML-N has looted the country and both leader has now become currupt leaders. Thats why we like PTI instead of other parties.

So, please think about my request and change the policy.


Imran Khan's attack on PML-N

Good evening,

I am very confused nowadays about the press of PTI against PML-N. As a PTI worker i think it is not justify. I wish that PTI will lead in this general elections. Believe me and i would love to vote to PTI and i like very much of PTI policy as well as Imran Khan.

But the problem is that i am not understanding why PTI leaders attacking PML-N?, Every PTI leader is talking against PML-N, i have a question to PTI, why you are not attacking or talking against PPP and other parties.

PPP has destroyed our country, they have looted our country. and the other side the PML-N Chief Minister in Punjab, Mr. Shabaz Sharif's has a good reputation in Punjab than other Provinces.

Please talk about Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan as well. You are just talking about Punjab, i dont know what is the strategy of our PTI.

Once again i request to our Chief Imran Khan and every PTI Leader to please turn your tank's mouth to another parties.

I think on this issue we are loosing our voters so once again i request to Chief Imran Khan to please think about this issue.

Good luck

Friday, 7 September 2012

PTI Aman Tsunami March to Waziristan.

Good morning,

I think it is a good step to launch a March to Waziristan. Now a days PPP and MQM is opposing this step. They are saying why Imran Khan is going to Waziristan, PTI is backing extremists and Taliban. Why they not  launching March here in Islamabad Pakistan?.

As for my point of view i think it is a great step of PTI to March to Waziristan. We will show to the world that we dont want to fight with our people, all of Waziristanis are not terrorists and they don't like fighting. They are brave tribes and indeed they have a great role in getting Pakistan for us. So, we should try to conveyance all of them to come to the peace table, why they are fighting, what is their aim?, why they are fighting with their security agencies.

First of all i think it is their genuine question, they are talking about the War, Is this our OWN WAR?. I think it is not our WAR, Why we are fighting for Western Countries?, Why we are fighting for United States?. I know that there some elements that are living in the areas?. But as i told you that we can conveyance them and they are also agreed on this agenda, that if in case we change our International i mean US policy on War. We should told the world that we cannot killed and bombed our people.

Let me say that there are a millions of innocent Muslims martyred in this war. In Drone attacks thousand of innocent people martyred by the NATO and US Forces. Just for 1 or 2 terrorists they are killing all the village and town. Is this a justice, just for suspicious news they are killing innocent people. I think this is not a justice.

Now i am 100% sure and in the future if we talked with these people and in case if we changed our US policy on war so i am sure that we can stop this suicide attacks and terrorism here in Pakistan as well as all over the world.

So, i suggest to the United States Government as well that they should think about my proposal and they please change their policy against Taliban and Extremists, fighting is not the solution, US troops should withdraw from the Afghanistan so i am sure that the Taliban will bring a peace in the region and if possible talks with Taliban so i am sure that we can bring peace and harmony everywhere in the world. We should realize them that we are not tyrants and we can live together.

So, first of all we should change the policy against Taliban and Extremists, i think this is not a loose for anybody, we are just trying to bring peace in world so therefore, so this is not a fight back for every one. I am also 100% sure that no one can win the war in Afghanistan and no one can achieve their aims in Afghanistan without involvement of Taliban and Afghans. This is the reality, if we can see in the past in Afghanistan the Russian has loose their war and now the US and NATO i mean 30 to 50 countries in on side and just Taliban are other side, instead of that all that western countries with US are fail to achieve their aim in Afghanistan. So, this is the reality and we should realize himself and think about this. I also remember the interview of first day of a War on Afghanistan. I saw interview on CNN, there was former Russian Officer and US Military officers were discussing this war on CNN, i remember the talks of Russian Officer that he told the US Officer and CNN anchor that you cannot win this war, this is impossible, he told that when he was in the war on Afghanistan and he was also in the fighting in Afghanistan. We cannot combat and fight on the ground with Afghans, our ground strategy was fail, however, we can win our Air fighting strategy in Afghanistan. Afghans are very brave and they assuming Afghan land as a Mother, so they will never accept foreign troops in their land.

So, i think we should think about this and we should find the solution that why they are going to be extreme and why they have not good thinking about US and Western Countries. We should find the way.

Thats why the PTI has inshallah launched a Tsunami Peach March to Waziristan and Inshallah you will see that Waziristan's people will treat Imran Khan as a brother. I think there are some elements that can try to make something in this March but inshallah everything will be okay and find.

Inshallah, Inshallah


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Khawaja Saad Rafique on MQM

Good evening,

I saw a program on Samaa TV leading by anchor Jasmeen or mehaman jenab Saad Rafiq sahib, from PML-N, Haider Abbas Rizvi from MQM, and one columnist from Lahore. In this program Mr. Saad Rafique has strongly criticized MQM for having their terrorist links and groups in their party. and he very easily and happily told the world that if PTI, PML-N and JI can fight against MQM and can win the Karachi war.

I really appreciate Kh. Saad Rafique and i think MQM should think about his talks and i request to MQM for God sack stop and eliminate their terrorist groups in their part.

So, for God sack we all request to MQM to stop right now their terrorist activities.


PTI on Agha Waqar?

Good evening,

As a worker of PTI i think Mr. Agha Waqar has doing a great job. Now a days on different News Channels  anchors and Scientists are criticizing Agha Waqar. But why, Yesterday i saw Kamran Khan Program, he has also criticized and every time on its program said that "FRAUDIA", i am completely disappointed to hear from Kamran Khan and he also told Pakistanis k Is bande ne kai bar kai programo me mukhtalif scincedano ko jese k Dr. Atta-UR-Rehman ko kadi tankeed ka nishana banaya. Muje afsos se kehna par raha hai k, In jese lako rupai or kardo kamane wale science dano ne kabhi b pakistan ko kuch nai dia sirf book or aflas.

Kamran Khan, i am very disappointed about your yesterday program in which you have told the world the Mr. Agha Waqar is Decoit and Fraudia. We dont care whether he is Decoit or fraudia, we are just looking that in the present situation in the world a man is trying to find the way. He is trying to find the solution for the world.

So, we should not criticize Aghan Waqar, we should strongly appreciate Agha Waqar for doing this great job.


Monday, 3 September 2012

MQM Talks with PML-N

Hello everybody,

I heard in the news channels that MQM's delegation is going to talks with PML-N Leaders on this tuesday. Instead of a lot of objections on MQM. It is a good step, but i think the PML-N should demand first that MQM terminates all their terrorist activities so then they should start their dialogues. I am completely against these talks without solving this point.

Today Karachi Police arrested a very dangerous target killer named (danger), and he also admit that his gang killed 95 innocent peoples. This person belong from MQM,

So, how any Political party can start their talks with MQM without solving this matter.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

PTI leader Inamullah Khan defending PPP??

I am just watching talk show on ARY Kashif Abbassi Show, i am very strange to see PTI leader Inamullah Khan is defending PPP instead of PTI. Mr. Fawad Chaudary is insulting Chief Justice on every issue, but i am very strange to see that Inamullah Khan is not backing CJ. He also speaking about the cases that are pending in SC. He is asking to SC and CJ, why he not taking any other cases than just  President Zardari and PPP. I am so strange, so strange he is completely defending PPP and he cricizing CJ.

For God sack, Imran Khan i request to you to please stop crisizing CJ and start criticizing against PPP. Why PTI not talking about Zardari's cases, why you are not talking about this currupt Government.

One more thing Khan Sahib you are also advice as a PTI worker please stop talking about Punjab Tandoor Scheme, I personally understand and known that this was a great program for poor people. Shabaz Shareef has started good programs, I am not defending PML-N, but they have some good projects in Punjab, so my hands is not going to stop to write good words for PML-N.

So, once again i request to you Great Khan please stop PTI leaders to talk against Chief Justice and PML-N as well and PTI should start vast campaign against PPP. We should criticize more and more PPP than PML-N.

Have a good time our next PM. Khan Sahib,


PTI Criticism on PML-N

Hi today i am much disappointed to say about the present press conferences and on talk shows of PTI, on every talk show PTI criticizing PML-N instead of PPP. In my opinion PTI should critics PPP and MQM. Because they are the main corrupt parties than PML-N.

So as a PTI member i request to Chairman PTI Imran Khan to please stop your members to talk against PML-N and start their talking against PPP and MQM or ANP. I request to you Khan Sahib, I think it is damaging our Party.


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Advice to Imran Khan

Good afternoon,

Dear friends, if you have saw Imran Khan in their rallies and Jalsas. Especially i saw him in one of Islamabad's Jalsa that he dont respect their workers. I am as a worker i suggest him that he give a good respond to their workers.

Muje english achhi tara nai athi, lekin jab koi Imran Khan pe hath rakhta hai to Imran use jaldi apne se door karta hai, Deke Hum worker Khan sahib apke mada hai hum apse milna aur ap ke sath bath karna chahte hai, please kisi worker ko b mana na kare jaise k Benazeer Bhoto karti thi.

I am as a PTI worker requesting you to please think about this.

Khuda hafiz Khan sahib.


Sunday, 24 June 2012

PTI Hyderabad Jalsa

There is an hope in Pakistan in the shape of Imran Khan. Just look at his face and his voice.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

PML-Q has voted to PPP!

I am not sure why PML-Q has again decided to help PPP and they voted Raja Parvez Ashraf, So, sad?. Chaudary Brothers are very confident about their next elections. But what do you think about the constituency  of Chaudary's, will they vote again to PML-Q, OR they think this is the time to Make money because they are right now thinking that they will never come into power?.

As for as my information they will never again win their seats?.

What do you think?

MQM has voted Raja Parvez Ashraf?

I have a question from all of MQM workers!. Are they think that MQM MNAs has good to voted PPP?. Will they again vote to their candidates in the upcoming elections?.

My question is that everyone is well known and understand that Zardari and his Party is a corrupt party and they again and again told the world that they will never proceed Supreme Court's decisions.

I think there is one hope in our country PTI and Supreme Court. We should give them a chance. 

What do you think about my opinions?


Faisal Saleh Hayat Voted to Raja Rental?

It is very sham-full news for everybody that Makhdoom Saleh Hayat has voted to his defender Raja Parvez Ashraf, if you remember some time before Mr. Saleh Hayat has launched complain in Supreme Court against Raja Pervaiz Ashraf that he involve in Power Energy Scandal and he scammed Millions of dollars within his Ministry. and He also take Oath that he is a true and not lieying.

Now, yesterday in the National Assembly he has voted to Raja Pervaiz Asharaf. Now the question is that all our Politicians are i think making us pool.

But i am very strange instead all of that why we are again and again electing these people and then they looting Pakistan. No one is sincere with our country.

For God sack we should think about this and we should not vote to these leaders.


Friday, 22 June 2012

Present Situation in Pakistan

Believe me today i was completely shocked about the present political situation. Everyone is trying to make money in politics. Today our new PM Raja Rental has taken oath although he is already involved in corruption cases. I am very strange that PPP has nominating candidates when they come in any scandal. So, Mr. Zaradar awarding a port folio to their MNAs. I am completely shocked, What happening in our country.  There is no leader in Pakistan,

Today i was watching Hassan Nisar interview on TV that he has decided to leave the country. I think he is right. But i also  wrote to Nisar sahib that please stay till the next upcoming election and i hope that PTI will bring  some changes in the country. I am pretty sure that Imran Khan will bring some changes. Inshallah. 


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

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