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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

conference on tech career growth (USA )

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a professional development event that might be useful to those of you in the Bay Area.

COMPASS ( is one-day conference on tech career growth.

Their speakers include Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior VP of Ads & Commerce at Google, and Li Fan, Senior VP & Head of Engineering at Pinterest.

Their host, is a Silicon Valley startup - using AI to match job seekers with the perfect jobs for them instantly.

Check it out here: 

Friday, 21 October 2016

USA Green Card Jobs

Green Card through Job

There are many categories in which you can apply for USA Green Card, in one of them is you can apply for Green Card through Job offer. 

You may be eligible to apply and become a permanent resident based on an offer of employment from United States. It requires an employer to get a Labor Certification and then file Form 1-140, immigration petition for Alien Worker for you. When the petition approved so the employer will send you a copy of the approved immigration petition to you and to the United States Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence. 

Then you can apply for visa to the US Consulate in the country. First you will be scheduled an interview date in the US consulate and then you will asked to come to the consulate for an interview. After the successful interview, your passport will be stamped for visa and then you can travel and fly to the United States.

Green Card may be available for investors and for Entrepreneurs who can make investment in the US based company/enterprise that create new facilities and minimum 10 full time jobs in the USA. There are several investment categories in different states of USA. You can visit the US immigration official website to learn more about these categories. 

United States issuing 10,000 visas every year for qualified investors and entrepreneurs.

You must invest $ 1,00,0000 or atleast $ 5,00,000 US Dollars in the targeted rural areas of the United States to qualify. You are eligible if you have an approved Form 1-526 immigrant petition by Alien Entrepreneur.

For further information and details please visit the USCIS official website or let me know if you need more help.

Wazir Khan
skype. lalakhanjee

J1 Visa Exchange Trainee Program

J1 Visa Exchange Program

The J1 Exchange visitor category is authorized for those who are interested to take training, teaching conducting research, instructing or lecturing, studying, consulting, or to receive Graduate Training or Education. 

The US Department of immigration designates public and private entitles to do exchange programs and sponsor it. This is non immigrant visa category, the J1 non immigrants are therefore sponsored by an exchange training program that is designated by the US Department of State. This program aim to promote Interchange or persons knowledge and skills in the field of Art, Education and Science. 

Examples of the Exchange Categories are:-

  • Scholars and Professors.
  • Nannies / Au Pairs
  • Research Assistants.
  • Teachers 
  • Trainees.
  • Specialists.
  • Camp Counselors.
  • Students.

The first step is to get a j1 visa, first you have to submit the Form DS-2019, certificate of eligibility for exchange visitor program. This form will be provided by your Exchange Training Sponsor or Agency. You should work closely with your sponsor who will be assisting you on all this process. You will be asked for by the Agency if there is need any supporting documents required by the sponsor Agency.

Some of the J1 Visa applicants just apply for employment specifically to work as a Nanny or Researcher in United States. Employment and work is authorized under the exchange j1 visa category. Please check everything with your exchange agency and learn about any restrictions and rules under exchange program.

Your spouse and unmarried children under 21 year of ages are entitles to apply for J-2 classification and they can work in the USA but their income may not be used to support you on any terms. Please visit the USCIS website for more details.

OR if you need more assistance so please let me know i will be more happy to assist you.

Wazir Khan.
skype. lalakhanjee

Friday, 14 October 2016

How to apply for Canada Express Entry.

Express Entry Canada

From January, 2015 the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada has launching a new Immigration Program called Express Entry and creating a new electronic system to manage applications for Permanent Residence under Express Entry Program in Canada.

This is the first electronic system and the first step to immigrate to Canada under these programs. Experience candidates complete their profile online at any time. There is no deadline to complete an online application. 

Anyone who is accepted in the Express Entry Pool, could get their Invitation Letter to apply for Express Entry Immigration and Permanent Residency Program. The officials will take experience candidates from the data. 

If in case you have been invited for express entry, you can complete your online application in 60 days. before you start your application you need first to take your language test and the Immigration officials use it whether you can apply for Express Entry or for other Federal Skilled Worker Categories. Secondly you should assessed your Educational credentials against the Canadian Standard. Lastly you need to know about the job and skills that require to do work in Canada, which category is most available in Canada, you can use Canada Classification Code (NOC) to clarify whether you are valid for 3 of Canada Immigration Programs. 

You can find about the categories and NOC to visit the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Official website for more details. .

Or contact me directly to learn more about this program. 

Wazir Khan,   

skype, lalakhanjee

Friday, 24 June 2016

Eb3 visa scam

Dear friends, 

Today i am complaining about a person and an officer Assistant complex manager at house of Raeford Farms Mr. David Rush his email address is

Actually I applied to work as a laborer at house or raeford , and then I got an email from Mr. David Rush and he referred me to an immigration firm Global bridge immigration in Canada and then global bridge referred me to an agent Anthea Chaung, she asked me for around $38,000 for the eb3 visa process, so then I contacted Mr. David Rush and I told him that your agent is demanding money and I told him that why she is asking for money, it is illegal. Because it is against the rules of USCIS and USDOL.  Employer must pay the labor certification fee. So I have requested to David Rush that please look into the matter why she is asking for money. And I told him the I am in contact with an another firm in new York and their fee is almost $6500. I am agreed to pay the firm fee, but you as a company should pay the labor certification fee.

So Mr David Rush told me that please schedule a brief conference with the New York attorney.  I have schedule the meeting for Mr David Rush.
And then after some days I got an email from Mr David Rush and he threatened me to proceed with their agent, otherwise I will report to USCIS and USDOL, and don't contact me again.
Now come to the point, I want to remind you that there are some HR officers are making money through eb3 visa green card. Once I contacted an immigration firm in Hong Kong, they told me that they can proceed my eb3 visa, because they have links with some companies like Jimmy Forrest Farms, Muy Pizza, house of Raeford and some others. They asked me for around $60,000 for eb3 visa. He told me that we have to pay the most of fee to the employers. What I am trying to say that some HR officers like David Rush has doing illegal business and making money through eb3 visa program. First they will confirm there commission with their agents and then they proceed. 

As a formality first they advertise the job and then they offer a job to their agent. They are ignoring all other applicants. It is a big scam, they are misusing their powers to make money. My concern is that they should consider the bona fide applicants.

So then I wrote an article on, about the illegal use of eb3 visa. And I have been told by some of attorneys that i should complain to USDOL. Now I request to you that you please try to stop this illegal business doing by some HR officers like David Rush at house of Raeford farms. I request that you please look into the matter and be aware from these kind of fruads.

Please let me know if you have any questions or anything so I will be more than happy to answer.

Yours sincerely
Wazir Khan
Skype, lalakhanjee

Friday, 30 January 2015

H1B Visa jobs

H1b Visa jobs

Basically H1b visa using to work in United States, it is a non-immigrant visa and authorization to work in USA. If you are interested to work in USA, first you have to find a job in USA and then your employer must apply for a non-immigration visa petition approval, when it got approved so employer will send you an approved petition copy to you as well as to the US Embassy or Consulate in your residence country. After getting the approved petition copy so you have to apply for a H1b Visa at the nearest US Embassy or Consulate. You will have to pay your visa fee to the consulate and then you will be scheduled an face to face interview at the Embassy for Visa stamp. 

If in case you got a visa stamp on your passport, then you will be able to buy your Air Line ticket to the US destination to perform your duty. 

The first thing i think would be in your mind is that how to get a H1b Visa Job. Actually, it is the most difficult part in this process. There are a lot of Visa sponsors in USA, You can apply for a job offer through google search engine. But please keep in mind be-careful from any scam or fraud, because there are a lot of scammers and a fraudulent companies working so you have to be alert before you apply. They may ask for you for a money for a job offer or for a Visa process. I request to you that you please verify the authenticity of the company from the concerned offices and then apply otherwise not.

For example there is a company like working in USA, but they are completely fail to deliver a good service to the customers. I am the victim of this company as well, i paid around $200 to this company and now i think 5 to 6 years gone and they are fail to get a job for me. Please do not pay them money, i suggest that you search google and find the best firms in USA without paying fee or anything. If you have a good education and experience in IT and in Software and Hardware Engineering so i think you can get your job quickly. 

I have also created a very useful group page on Facebook H1b Visa jobs to help jobseekers to find their H1b visa jobs and to solve their visa issues online on facbook. Please visit my facebook group and let me know if you need more help. 

Wazir Khan
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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Jobs in Afghanistan

Jobs in Afghanistan

Hi, there are many job opportunities in Afghanistan for talented people. dozen of N.G.Os are working in Afghanistan to develop new Afghanistan. There are many projects going on to build new Afghanistan.

The new President of Afghanistan Dr. Ashraf Ghani is well known Professor and Lecturer, he was served in United States and he has great talent in economy. He is now become the President of Afghanistan and we hope that he will deliver peace and stability in Afghanistan. We want continue talks with Tribe elders of various tribes.

Dr. Ashraf Ghani has a talented person and he can establish more and more jobs and employment in Afghanistan.

The people of Afghanistan are key to learn education and there are so many educated persons working abroad. now we hope they will come back and build a new and prosperous Afghanistan.

Skype. lalakhanjee
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